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10 Quick Home Improvement Fixes

Some projects around the house are easier than others, today we’ll focus on the easiest projects you can fix with little or no experience and minimal tools. Even someone accustomed to hiring out most home improvement projects will find these tips simple and helpful. We can’t cover everything, but in doing research for this article I noticed there are tons of tips and tricks online for DIY projects. If there’s something in your home bothering you do a quick online search, chances are there’s someone else out there with the same problem.

  1. Squeaky Floors:

    Admittedly, I was skeptical on this one at first. But, if you can fix squeaky floors with a little Talcum Powder. In short, floors squeak when two board run together, the talcum powder fixes said problem. Life Hacker has a great article if you’re interested in learning more. Crazy stuff.

  2. Squeaky Doors:

    Sticking with the squeaky theme, annoying squeaky doors are another quick fix. Most can be fixed with a cheap can of WD-40. Generously spray on the hinges and get ready to be amazed. For more stubborn squeaks pull the pins out of the hinges and coat the entire pin. If that doesn’t work you probably have ghosts and we won’t be covering that in this blog, sorry.

  3. Dusty Elaborate Light Fixtures:

    They come in all shapes and sizes, generally they’re chandeliers or statement fixtures with lots of pieces. They look great, but overtime dust accumulates on the many pieces of the fixture. After allowing the fixture to cool, put on a pair of cotton gloves and dust the light components. It’s easier than using a towel and you’ll have a better chance of keeping all those little pieces intact.

  4. Bugs:

    Just like most of us, bugs don’t like to be homeless. Spraying for bugs is easy, there are tons of DIY products at your local hardware store. Be sure to spray the entrances (including windows) well. If you don’t feel like doing it on your own I’ve had a lot of luck using Groupon or Living Social for cheap pest spraying. Don’t sign up for annual maintenance contracts, it’s just not smart. If you have crawl space or unfinished attic space use bug bombs for those areas.

  5. Stuck Windows:

    The window in your house that requires a full body effort to close can be easily fixes. Spray a little Silicone Lubricant on the tracks and step back in amazement. Possible white lie to your significant other: “It wasn’t easy honey, but I knew fixing that window was important to you, so I made it a priority.”

  6. Slamming Door:

    Assuming you’re not slamming it for a reason, there’s a simple fix for slamming doors. Buy some weather stripping and stick it to the troubled door. Potential downside; storming out of a rooms isn’t nearly as dramatic.

  7. Hard to Remove Decals and Stickers:

    Kudus to the WD-40 people, it’s an impressive product and comes in handy here too. Spray the troubled decal and let it sit for a bit. Repeat as needed and put the WD-40 somewhere close, you’ll need it again.

  8. Old Picture Holes:

    You moved some pictures around and now you have to look at the holes in your otherwise perfect wall. Use a simple Patching Compound , but overfill the hole slightly. Before it dries use a slightly damp sponge to remove the excess compound. Doing it this way means you won’t have to sand the wall, which is a mess and requires more paint repair.

  9. Woodwork Scratches:

    Anything from hardwood floors to the wood kitchen table will get scratched. Refinishing the surface is expensive and timely. Before you refinish or replace try one of these Minwax Wood Markers for a cheap fix. These markers come in all kinds of colors and do a really nice job hiding minor scratches and dents.

  10. Fence Gate Sags:

    Your fence gate rubs the ground making it hard to open and close and difficult to keep grass alive in it’s place. No need to replace the gate, there’s a simple fix. There’s a product from Stanley called an anti-sag kit. It’s cheap, just over $10, and comes with simple instructions nearly anyone can follow.

Not all DIY Projects take a lot of time. Some are just about discovering a trick. I encourage you to take on the DIY projects in your house, but first start with the internet. Type your problem into your favorite search engine and see what’s out there. Maybe there’s an easier way to accomplish your project. Sometimes things that seem like big projects are really simple with a little ingenuity. Good luck!