House in bad shape

Reasons to Clean your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is one of those projects that’s easy to put off. After all, you can’t “see” the clogged gutters and don’t really even think about it until it rains. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons you should stop putting it off and clean your gutters. Consider installing gutter guards once you clean […]

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Home Drawings on a table

Home Improvement Ideas for People on a Budget

We all wish our whole house could be full nothing but the absolute top of the line. However, most of us don’t have an unlimited budget, so we’ll take a look at some high-end features you can add to your house without breaking the bank. The idea being, try to spend you home improvement design […]

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Green Foor

5 Ways to Cool Down Your Home

Attic Fan/Whole House Fan This is an old idea, but it works. You install the fan on the second level, or first level if you have a ranch. They suck air through the open windows and doors and move hot air into the attic. Ideally, you run the fan at night or morning when the […]

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