Handyman Tools

What’s a Handyman?

It’s a term of endearment to be called “Handy”. You can fix things, work with tools, and do home improvement projects with ease. Home improvement can come in the form of making things better, but often times it just means fixing what no longer works. If you own a home you know it’s a constant […]

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Red House

Top 5 Reasons to Power Wash Your House

Water is the source of life, unless said life is mold, and the water is being fired from a Power Washer. Power Washing, or Pressure Washing, is the most powerful way to clean hard surfaces. Think about the cleaning you do at your house. Most likely, inside cleaning comes to mind. But, the inside of […]

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Kitchen Picture

To DIY…or not to DIY

Often times when something around the house breaks, or it’s time for a little home improvement, we have a brief internal discussion with ourselves to determine if we’re going to hire a professional, or Do It Ourselves. The case for DIY is strong, after all, if done properly it will be less expensive (no labor […]

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