5 Money Savings DIY Home Cleaning Projects

Cleaning your home is an ongoing task no one enjoys, but some cleaning items can cause major problems down the road if not addressed. We know a clean house makes us feel better, but let’s look at the top 5 cleaning projects that will pay off in repair and replacement savings.

  1. The Coils on the Fridge.

    This isn’t an area requiring cleaning every time you tidy up the house, but cleaning these coils occasionally will ensure a long healthy life for your fridge. Once a year or so make sure you clean these coils, you’ll be glad you did.

  2. Change Your HVAC Filters.

    Filters have a simple but important task, collect things you don’t want in the air you breathe. Filters are really cheap, a few bucks each, but it’s important they’re clean so they can continue to take dirt and dust out of the air. Changing the filters ensures they’re able to continue to collect dust. Dirty filters can’t collect new dust and harbor dust mites. Investing a few dollars now means saving expensive repairs down the road and fresh air for your family. Everyone can change their own filter, here’s a DIY Video if you don’t know how. No need to hire someone, you can do it. HVAC units are really expensive to replace, proper maintenance will ensure you get the most out of your unit. Dirty filters also mean your HVAC units have to work harder, since the air flow is being restricted by the clogged filters. Replacing these units is very expensive.

  3. Dryer Vents.

    We all know about the lint trap we clean out every time we start the dryer, but the filter does not catch everything. Lint builds up before it reaches the lint filter. Use a vacuum and appliance brush to clean it out occasionally. Dryer fires are a real concern, but on a lessor level it also keep the dryer running longer and saves you money in repair and replacement costs. Don’t make your dryer work harder than it has to, keep it clean.

  4. HVAC Vents.

    I’m talking about the system of pipes connecting your HVAC unit to the floor/wall vents. It’s easy to forget about this maze of pipes, but they’re important. This is likely something you’ll need to hire out, but your vents can get backed up with dust over the years. Every few years it’s worthwhile to have them cleaned out. Check Groupon and Living Social, there’s always an HVAC company offering vent cleaning services at big discounts. But, don’t fall into the upsell trap. They offer these deep discounts hoping they can upsell you once they get to your house. Kindly decline any type of maintenance program or whatever they’re trying to pitch. I looked at my St. Louis Groupon and there were several companies offering vent cleaning in the $30-$50 range.

  5. Be Gentle.

    Simple, but powerful. Don’t overload appliances, don’t slam appliance doors, and be careful when cleaning with liquids around electrical outlets. You’ll thank yourself later, repairs are expensive. Give your devices a break.

Keep an eye on these 5 items and you’ll thank yourself later. If you have a cleaning service, ask them to occasionally address these items, or include these in your Spring Cleaning ritual. Some of these repairs are in the thousands of dollars, while the cleaning takes only minutes.