Handyman Services

Choose from our wide variety of handyman services.

  • Honey-Do List

    All those little tasks around the house can add up to a big project. Whether it’s hanging shelves or pictures, fixing lights and fans, or painting we can help.

  • Water Issues

    If water flows through it chances are it will flow where it doesn’t belong at some point. We can fix your leaky faucets, garbage disposals, gutter cleaning, backed up drains, and toilets.

  • Electrical Issues

    One of the best tasks to leave to the pros. Electrical issues can be tricky. Not only do can we fix what’s broken, but also replace old fans and light fixtures.

  • Home Care

    Owing a home is great, maintaining one is not. You’ll be amazed what a Power Washer can do for your siding and deck, or how much your deck needed to be stained.

  • Lawn Care

    St. Louis is hot during the summers. Spend your days at the pool, not mowing the grass and trimming the trees. In the Fall, leaf the leaves to us too.

  • Larger Project?

    Request a bid for projects over 8-10 hours of work. Our bid process vary by the project, so requesting a bid means you’ll get our very best price.

The term Handyman or Handywomen, is vague, but for understandable reasons. A Handyman is a jack-of-all-trades type person who focuses mostly on home repairs and upgrades. Lots of times the projects are slightly smaller in nature, or “odd jobs”. It’s not easy to classify their work, since it tends to vary drastically. In fact, most Handymen would tell you no two weeks are ever the same. Often times they are the proud recipient of the “honey-do list”, the friendly reminder from loving spouses on fridges all over the world.

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