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Home Improvement Ideas for People on a Budget

We all wish our whole house could be full nothing but the absolute top of the line. However, most of us don’t have an unlimited budget, so we’ll take a look at some high-end features you can add to your house without breaking the bank. The idea being, try to spend you home improvement design dollars effectively by focusing on a few high impact items.

Ceramic and Glass Tile. Tile can be inexpensive and make a big difference to any room. Focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms. Adding a tile backsplash to your kitchen can make a big difference. If you have painted drywall behind your kitchen countertop this project can be ever easier. Apply a paint on waterproof and tile away. If doing ceramic tile try smaller (4 inch or less) tile and consider adding a border. There are countless website with great examples, or simply do a google images search. Glass tiles, while more expensive, look great as a backsplash. In the bathroom look for a good accent wall. Often times the wall behind the sink is a good fit. You don’t want it to look like a Quick Trip bathroom, so remember to use smaller tiles or glass. Larger floor tiles look industrial, but small glass tiles can look sharp.

Paint. Admittedly, this one is not ground shattering advice, but it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. I’m a big believer in DIY, but hire someone to paint. It’s cheap, and a bad paint job can ruin an otherwise nice room. Nothing worse than going into a nice house and seeing a DIY paintjob with wall paint on the ceiling. Even after hiring a handyman to do the painting this is still a cheap fix and lots of bang for the buck. Go to the paint store and ask for popular shades of paint if you need ideas. Or, you know, the internet still exists, so you can find new popular paint colors with ease.

Large Artwork. Stay with me here, it doesn’t have to be really expensive artwork, no one will really know. But, colorful and large artwork can really class up a room. Overstock has a lot of oversized artwork on the cheap. Make up a great story describing how you found the piece whilst vacationing in Italy, no one will know, I’ll never tell.

Statement Light Fixtures. Think large over the top fixtures. These tend to draw the attention of your visitors and makes a great conversation piece. Check out this site with tons of great statement light fixtures for under $250. Most handymen can put up new fixtures in less than an hour, for a few hundred buck you can change the look of your favorite room. Plus, since you didn’t spend a lot you won’t feel bad when it looks outdated and you need to change it again.

Focus on high impact items, things with great visibility. It’s amazing how a few big projects can change the entire feel of a room. You don’t have to go high-end on everything to get the high-end look. Make it something that stands out and is in a visible area, creating the most bang for the buck.