Top 5 Reasons to Power Wash Your House

Water is the source of life, unless said life is mold, and the water is being fired from a Power Washer. Power Washing, or Pressure Washing, is the most powerful way to clean hard surfaces. Think about the cleaning you do at your house. Most likely, inside cleaning comes to mind. But, the inside of your house is protected from the elements, the exterior is not so lucky. The changing of the seasons, rain, snow, wind, all have a tendency to wreak havoc on your home. This abuse allows mildew and mold to grow and gives the house, deck, or roof a dingy look.  I’m an instant gratification type of person, and power washing is the cleaning equivalent of a magic fat loss pill. As soon as you spray the area you can see a clean streak, revealing the true color of the surface. It’s pretty fulfilling, but now you have to do the whole thing, since random streaks of clean are worse than consistent dinge. Don’t stop at just your home; decks, fences, patios, roofs, and driveways can all be power washed.  Peeling paint is also another great project for your Power Washer.

1. Bring Your Home Back to Life

Stop growing other stuff. You paid a lot of money for your home and want to keep it looking nice. The vast majority of people will never see the inside of your house, so keeping the exterior nice is important. It’s amazing how much better a freshly pressure washed home can look.

2. Prevent Permanent Home Damage

If you wait long enough those stains will be permanent fixtures to your home’s exterior. Power Washers are powerful, but they can only do so much. If you can’t remove the stains you’re stuck with more expensive alternatives.

3. Save Time and Money

Pressure Washing your home is cheap. Replacing siding and soffits is not. By keeping up with home maintenance you will prevent more expensive repairs down the dingy road. Put in the small amount of time now and you’ll thank yourself later.

4. Removal of Allergens

St. Louis has a lot of allergens. Most are airborne and find their way on and around your home. Removing these allergens likely won’t stop your allergies, but it should help.

5. Paint Preparation

Tired of your home, deck, or fence color? Whatever your reason for painting your house keep in mind the paint job is only as good as the surface you’re painting. If you paint over dirt and grime you won’t like the results and the paint will not last. Give the paint a chance to stick to its intended target, not the mold and dirt.

Whatever reason you choose, get out and power wash your home. If you have a two-story home take extra percussions on the ladder. Consider ladder stabilizers if you go the DIY route. If you’re uncomfortable on the ladder, or just don’t have the time, consider hiring a Handyman to complete the project. Most Handymen have their own equipment. Since it’s a quick project you shouldn’t have to pay too much. I’ve found by combining multiple honey-do projects I can get a little better rate from the Handyman. Good luck!