Handyman Tools

What’s a Handyman?

It’s a term of endearment to be called “Handy”. You can fix things, work with tools, and do home improvement projects with ease. Home improvement can come in the form of making things better, but often times it just means fixing what no longer works. If you own a home you know it’s a constant battle to fix all those little things that are always breaking. For some people these projects are DIY, others hire Handymen. For us non-handy folks, let’s look at what it means to be a Handyman.

Home Repairs

As anyone who has owned a home before can attest, there is always something breaking around the house. Handymen are often called for minor plumbing issues such as clogged garbage disposals or backed up drains, but also if the home owner is tired of their old bathroom vanity and wants a fresh new look. Same can be said for electrical repairs. Fixing or replacing all the things we power in our house is a constant battle. Lots of things tend to break outside too. Anything from fences to sidewalk repair are generally fair game for most Handymen. A good portion of these tasks tend to be seasonal. In the Fall you may need your gutters cleaned, or power washing and staining the deck in the Spring.

Home Improvement

What good is having the biggest TV if it can’t be hung above the fireplace? While most folks are comfortable hanging pictures around the house, some prefer a skilled Handyman when it’s time to mount the new TV. Painting is often another item outsourced to Handymen, since a bad DIY paint job can do more harm than good. Sometimes nothing needs to be fixed for home improvement, cleaning out a shed, garage, or attic can help spruce up any home. We may only have two trash cans every week, but sometimes junk removal requires much more. Handyman are often tasked with removing unwanted junk around the house and backyard.

Odd Jobs

There’s lots of things we need done around the house that are hard to classify, odd jobs if you will. I was talking with a handyman whom was recently called to a home to deal with a problem opossum. The opossum had made itself comfortable in the homeowners shed. While the Handyman didn’t trap the opossum, he did fix the damaged shed so the opossum couldn’t get in anymore. Now everyone is happy (and alive). Some height-sensitive home owners hire Handymen to hang holiday lighting and decorations, which is a great way to get in the holiday spirit without a ladder induced panic attack. Few jobs are too small, or too odd, for a handyman to tackle.


The point is you never know what you’ll need a Handyman for, but surprised how often you do. Being versatile means they are likely to be called when the home owner doesn’t know who else to call. Big or small, most projects can be handled by a reliable Handyman. Every professional is a little different and has varying skills. Some Handymen are more specialized, but generally they are a good place to start. If they can’t help they often able to recommend someone else for the job. Make sure the handyman is insured. It may seem like a small project, but if things go wrong you’ll be glad you paid a little more of an insured handyman.