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Why Hire a Handyman?

We’ve all seen it, the infamous list on fridges everywhere, the honey-do list. Maybe it’s a pile of trash that needs to be taken to the dump, a running toilet, or the bedroom you’ve been meaning to paint. These honey-do lists are often prime handyman territory. Let’s look at the top five reasons you may want to hire a handyman.

Handymen are Versatile

The ability to tackle a list of projects is our first benefit to hiring a handyman. A handyman has a wide range of skills and is able to cover a lot of ground. Most honey-do lists are not specific to just one type of project, our house don’t break down in neat sections. By hiring a handyman you avoid needing a different service provider for each task. Jack-of-all trades may not include ALL trades, but you would be surprised how much a handyman can accomplish.

Save Money

Most service professionals have a minimum charge to come out, therefore a small task may only take a little time, but because they had to come to your house it falls in under the minimum fee. These service fees or minimum fees make sense, there is a real cost to drive back and forth to your house. Even if they’re only fixing something for a few minutes it still takes a while to get there and set-up. However, with a handyman they can go directly to the next task. Combining a few projects helps keep your overall cost lower.

Time is Valuable

Every day we have things competing for our time. Make the best use of yours by hiring out your home repairs and focusing on the things important to your life. Your time is valuable, spend your weekends with family and friends, not with a leaky sink.

Avoidable Maintenance

Big home repair projects often started out as minor repairs. Making the small fixes around the house often means you don’t have the big expensive projects down the road. A great example; treating and staining your deck every year will help prolong the life of the deck.

Getting it right the first time

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes we take on projects outside of our comfort level. Doing so often leads to one of two results. The project took significantly longer than it should. Or, the project was not done properly and needs to be fixed. Hiring a handyman ensures you don’t waste your time on a project, or pay expensive repairs later on.

There’s many reasons to hire a handyman. Make sure you find a qualified professional, keeping in mind most listing services are nothing more than paid advertisement. Just because a handyman is listed does not mean they are reputable, it means they paid their monthly dues to the listing site. Don’t be fooled, listing site make money by allowing people to post their services, not by finding you the right professional.